Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A calico Porch

photo courtesy of Pinterest

We're in the process of finishing a new addition to our existing porch.
The old porch sits right off our kitchen and the new one is extended outwards towards a row of red buds and cedar trees.
You really do feel as though you're in a tree house when you're sitting there. The tops of the trees are level with the decking of the porch.
I nabbed that picture to show Lennis. I'm considering hanging a porch swing right outside the kitchen door.
I've also been pondering outdoor furniture. I have a few white wicker chairs that I'd really like as part of our seating. Maybe add a vintage iron bench and a small table and I believe we'll be ready for outdoor entertaining.
The new porch overlooks our backyard. We have a huge backyard with lots of grassy areas.
My salvaged plant bench that I picked up along side the road. It was being thrown out. Can you believe it?
This is from last spring. I'm anxiously awaiting this one so that I can get started planting.
I can hardly wait to begin planting herbs and everlasting flowers. Statice, straw flowers, lavender and baby's breath. Top of the seed list.
How about you? I know you're as anxious as I am for spring to arrive.
It will be here before we know!

Jill 00


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