Friday, March 16, 2012

Burlap Market Bag

For those of you that frequent bittersweet blog then this burlap bag looks familiar to you. The bag is constructed mostly of burlap and accented with what else, calico side pockets on each side. It sits flat on the bottom and holds a number of fresh veggies or market goods.

I used a basic pattern to construct the bag and then added my own design idees here and there. The market bags were offered at the bittersweet studio for a short time until I sold out!
This blog offers a wonderful tutorial on making your own market bag. You can adjust this pattern and add a side pocket if you want. Personally, I believe the side pockets are a necessity. I stick my car keys and money in the pockets. Then when I purchase a bouquet of fresh flowers I stick them in a pocket. So market bag cute!
The market bag would make a treasured gift for a friend. Make sure you make one for yourself!


Jill 00

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