Monday, September 27, 2010

Illustrations I love...

Kate Greenaway is one of my favorite illustrators. Although her illustrations and writings date back to simpler days I believe her drawings still capture our lives today.
Her children's images are unique and detailed allowing them to stand out from the crowd.
Wouldn't it be grand if the world resembled a Kate Greenaway drawing?

Enjoy caring and sharing days.


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Two hugs are better than one

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pondering once again...and again....and again...and again....

Oh yes, my favorite past time pondering random thoughts of marketing, branding and creating. Usually includes right brain overload, or is it left?  Doesn't matter I guess.  Sorry, I was born this way!  I'm not really sorry either, cause that's the way God made me and I'm honored and blessed and count those dear blessings every single day!

Well, Miss Jill so glad you spoke your mind on that!

Designing and branding for my two cottage companies also tops the favorite lists on what I love to do.

So many ways to go too.
Victorian, Vintage, Retro, Contemporary, Cottage, Country and the list goes on.

When I begin creating a logo the first thing I begin pondering is whether that image, design will appeal to most.

For instance...
Some folks don't like country and some dislike Victorian. If they happen upon your logo and disfavor the look of it then chances are they move on down the road.
I always try to convey this message to my clients.
Bottom line is you want your brand to stand out and attract everyone, right?

Anyway, this is something I've learned along the way and I now consider it to be one of the most important components when designing anything.

Contemplating designs for Calico Petals. Just wrapped up something new for Bittersweet. 
The three words under my company title ring true to my heart!
Always follow your gut, it's never wrong!

Off to cut bars of soap.

Enjoy caring and sharing days.

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Two hugs are better than one

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Show Ready...

This is a shot from last fall when Bittersweet and Calico Petals participated in a showing of their wares when Vintage Market hosted temporary events at Zona Rosa. VM no longer hosts these special showcase events and I really do miss them.
It was fun to be surrounded by kindred spirits and be next to my friend Julie, who also did the shows.
It's hard to believe how fast time goes by and how it's already this time again but a year later.
I don't have any shows planned this fall other than our annual open house the first week of November when the holiday soaps make their debut.
The pinny apron was always popular at this show.
This is a shot of the new owner of a fresh floral pinny.
 Doesn't she look sweet?
Then I took this shot of some fellow show girls all decked out in our new fall hats.
Don't we look cute? Left to right, Ann, Heather, Tony, and Jill

The creamy tone on tone mix of holiday goodies was satisfying to the eye as was this show.
Enjoy caring and sharing days.
Jill 00
Two hugs are better than one

Friday, September 3, 2010

a pinny for your thoughts...

I have been offering the pinny apron at Calico Petals and Bittersweet for a few years now. They are copied from a 1967 McCall's apron pattern that my friend Sharon, (aka the pattern fairy) shared with me several years ago. Sharon teaches sewing if that tells you anything. She's an excellent teacher. Although I have never experienced her teaching class first hand, I can tell by our visits that she is patient and very knowledgeable about all aspects of sewing including sewing machine tips.

I on the other hand am stubborn when it comes to learning new things. I have always been a hands on gal. In fact I will tell you a little secret...
I flunked out of sewing in home economics class. I hated it! I preferred wood working class. Give me a band saw and a chunk of walnut and I can create a lovely coffee table!

Present day and realizing how things do change, don't they?

I love to sew now! No I'm not an expert on the craft, but I do give it my all when I create a new piece. French seams, blanket stitch and blind hem stitch all terms in my vocabulary now and if you want to strike up a conversation with me just mention any of the above!

I have probably made and sold 100 or so of the pinny.
I believe a great way to learn how to do something is by doing it over and over and over. Eventually you get the hang of it. Then you can move on to another sewing project and follow the same guidelines.

  It's funny... Nowadays I sew hats, purses, aprons, frocks and the list goes on.
I love looking at the apron hall tree filled with fresh pinny's.
So for you girls out there that would like to sew but think you can't. Know that you can! I believe it's a matter of timing. In fact I believe that philosophy holds true with just about everything in life. I will spare you with my long drawn out philosophical debates.

Enjoy caring and sharing hand crafting days.

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Two hugs are better than none

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The studio is taking on a mellow mood lately.
This is a busy time of year for both Calico Petals and Bittersweet Soap.
Full throttle soap manufacturing kick in next week and the design details for this seasons holiday soap wrappings are beginning to take shape.
This is a picture was taken 5 years ago or so when I had the boutique downtown.
It's funny how some of the packaging comes back around.
It's strange how my taste has changed since then. I do still like the black and white shopping bags. They became a wonderful marketing tool. Everyone knew they were Bittersweet bags and it was a thrill to see them here and there hanging on customers arms as they browsed merchant windows.

My friend Linda took and created this picture of my store front when I first opened. What a great days gone by picture that fills my mind with happy shop owner memories.

Enjoy caring and sharing days.


Jill 00
Two hugs are better than one


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