Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hand~made Baby ♥

Handmade baby gifts are truly soulful and sweet not only to make but to receive.
The little dog was made from a favorite vintage 1960 pattern.
I remember years ago when we first brought our little baby home our neighbors came to visit and brought with them a stuffed dog just like the one above only he had been sewn in red ticking.
The thought and idea it had been made special by my lovely neighbor for our new baby touched me with  handmade sweetness as handmade always does.

Later I searched for the pattern online and was thrilled when I found it. I began making the stuffed dogs and selling them at the shop along with the other Bittersweet Baby line of products. Not to my surprise, they were a popular baby item at the boutique.

The baby quilt and the little stuffie are a gift for a friend that's expecting.

The quilt was simple to make. I used four different pieces of fabric, no batting, a contrasting back in the gray polka dot and a ruffled trim in the same textile.

I used my ruffle attachment to create the ruffle. Love that ruffle attachment! You can read more about the handy tool on Calico big sister blog.

Handmade baby gifts are rubbed with love. Each stitch is sewn with soulful happy blessings.


Jill 00


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