Sunday, January 13, 2013

warm heart

It's been awhile hasn't it? Sorry I've been catering to Bittersweet and the little soap company. This time of year is our busy manufacturing time. We're creating new spring apothecary. I'm quite excited as I am every year about this time. The pondering thoughts of new soaps and fragrances makes my heart flutter. Speaking of hearts'a'fluttering♥...
That's a picture of the darling crochet "oves" a customer surprised me with on Saturday. I love them! Thank you Gretchen. You are the sweetest! In case you're wondering... I made up the name "OVES." minus the g you see. Oh and I located a similar crochet pattern if you're interested in hooking a few pairs.

I've been making Saturday lounge pants for Bittersweet. I love these pants. It's sometimes hard to not keep the trousers after I get them made. It's also fun to create the pants in pretty floral fabric.

Warm wishes to you.

Jill 00


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