Friday, June 22, 2012

Calico Studio

This is a corner of my studio. The cabinet houses things I've made, button boxes filled with ribbons and buttons, vintage trims, embroidery yarn, paint brushes and well you can see kind of. A mix of this and that.
I'm getting ready to organize the space and make a few adjustments to my storage containers.
This is an image of a closet that I transformed into a storage space. It's beginning to get cluttered and filled with too many things.
Organizing the nook and placing items I don't use everyday away will not only be summer refreshing, but hopefully make my work much easier. Shipping supplies are atop the list to get organized and make a bit more handier to grab.
When I think of shipping three things come to mind instantly. Tissue paper, shipping boxes and tape! All three need to be available for easy access!
Then I ponder order packing gifty thoughts. You know the little extras I throw in when I ship your packages to you. Love doing that by the way!
Need a storage spot for that too!

How do you stay organized? I'd really like to know! We all have different methods and maybe it would be nice to share some of your favorites.

Jill 00

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rose Jar

With summer kicking in and flowers in full bloom most everywhere I thought it a perfect time to share some unique summer idees inspired by my great aunt.  
My great aunt was an amazing talented woman. Somewhat of a vintage Martha Stewart only smarter and more resourceful. Sorry Martha.
This post will be a tribute to my lovely great aunt and the story behind Enid.
I think you'll enjoy.

This is a picture of aunt Enid. The picture was taken during a baking contest. My aunt often participated in the bake offs and usually won. Again, a vintage take on the modern cooking contest television shows of today. I can still remember happily enjoying her coconut cake with mounds of rich fluffy frosting!
I also remember her beautiful stately home with the huge front porch. Inside the home was filled with handmade quilts and antique gatherings of paper weights, butterfly collections and pill boxes were among the many items my aunt admired.

As a child I was in awe of her many treasures. I remember staring into a large display cabinet filled with pill boxes. I would sit and stare into the cabinet admiring the clever designed vessels for long lengths of time. Only to come back to that same spot and take in more visions of the sugarplums as though I was storing the images in my mind for future reference.

My aunt never married or had children but her life was filled with joyful moments and happy days throughout her life. I remember her being a stern woman and she carried an aura of being a strict disciplinary.
I knew never to act up around my aunt and I don't recall that I did. I respected her in that way. A bit of a challenge I'm sure as I was an ornery child. Even though I felt her to to be a no nonsense gal, I also felt she had a large amount of love for me.

My aunt held many accomplishments. She was a pioneer that lead the way for future women to hold respectable titles in a variety of work fields. She attended law school and became the first woman officer of a well know Kansas City bank.

In her early years she had a small apartment in the heart of the city. My aunt Glenna told me in a recent letter that my aunt Enid took in a border during the time she lived in the apartment, usually a man. A hot meal was prepared each and every night and both the border and my aunt would share the dinner table. I wish I could have witnessed the conversation as I'm sure it would have been interesting.
My aunt Glenna also told me that my great aunt saved every penny she took in from the various borders over the years. She ended up a wealthy woman by saving the extra money over the years.
Aunt Enid has been an inspiration in many of my work over the years.
I designed an apron, created the aromatic rose jar and have planted some of her favorite flowers in my gardens.
I'd like to share and pass on a couple of the unique creations and idees to you.
Gathering and making the rose jar is so much fun. You may substitute with a variety of herbs and flowers from your garden.

I created a seed packet inspired by my great aunts love for flowers and plants.
You may print them on regular paper, fold and glue. Place some of your favorite seeds inside.
You can click on the link below to print the seed packet template.


Jill 00


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