Favorite Things

a long morning walk early before the rest of the world starts their day
making a fresh batch of soap and flavoring it with herbs and essential oils
picking flowers from my garden and bringing them indoors to appreciate their beauty
baking a red velvet cake with old fashioned roux frosting for friends and family
creating a beautiful blog banner or web site for clients that appreciate my work
sitting and contemplating life through my eyes and then making sure I can look at other's point of views, excepting and honoring their views even though I may not agree
giving thanks each day for another day on earth, cause someday I won't be here!
spending time with precious best friends because best friends are a true blessing indeed
opening a Christmas package and not knowing what's inside
having a good dream and remembering it throughout the day
watching a child grow to become an adult
talking to my dad
talking to my brother
talking to my husband
talking to my son
talking to my best friend
saying my prayers before bed and telling God I love him each and every day
sewing by hand
pondering thoughts of creating something new
people that smile a lot
and laugh too
not taking anything too seriously, cause bottom line, we never have complete control
knowing that I don't have complete control
writing a letter or thank you card
snipping fresh herbs from my garden and using them in recipes
a hot cup of black coffee on an early winter morning
learning as I go along
not learning and having to do it over again and realizing I should have learned the first time
looking through old pictures of my family especially ones of my mom when she was young


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