Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In Between

In Between Bittersweet and Calico, nice place to be I think, but of course I'm a tad bit bias!

The new web site is up and running well to most anyway, still having issues with AOL users, darn it! Anyway..

In between painting, phone calls, taxes, I took some time to make more "Love Bird Packets." What are they you ask? Well of course, they are inspired by my love for all things bird or "bird love." Inside, bird labels, vintage style bird images, bits and pieces of vintage ephemera.
Hopefully one-of-a-kind little packet of bird love.

Enjoy caring and sharing days.

Jill 00 (Two hugs are better than one)


  1. Jill, I appreciate you showing what is new in your Calico Petals shop. Thank you! Twyla

  2. Charming Jill !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clarice



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