Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Cookbook Coming Soon!

Did I say coming soon? Well, maybe later rather than sooner. I am finding that once I get the ball rolling however it seems to roll faster. The time consuming part is typing the one-hundred and fifty recipes. I've got a good start, ten. Ten of my favorite all time timeless cottage recipes, guaranteed to make the recipients happy content foodies!

Most of the recipes in the book are vintage. Recipes that have been handed down generation to generation, timeless and true. Recipes I've collected over the past thirty plus years, and only the very best ones get listed in the Calico Petal Cookbook.

Calico Petals will also be showcasing their Pinnie Aprons.

The "Pinnie", a classic styled apron, my favorite apron! Not only is the pinnie a practical apron to wear, but too, a showy little apron that's soulful and sweet.

Here is a glimpse of Pinnie Rosalie, I like naming the pinnies! I only make Rosalie once! She's truly a one-of-a- kind. Her rosy disposition will help to assure you're a happy girl while wearing her! I assure you, your pies will come out perfect and you'll carry a smile on your face.

Enjoy caring and sharing winter days.


Jill 00 (Two hugs are better than one)


  1. I just love Rosalie. She is the prettiest Pinnie I think I have ever seen and so sweet.

    Jill, you are amazing and inspiring to go ahead and make my first apron. I also have dreams/plans of making an apron for our youngest sons. I already have the material, just need the confidence to just cut them out and sew them up.


  2. I'm getting so excited about your cookbook. You make it sound wonderful! What a great idea to feature aprons in a cookbook! A natural pair. Twyla

  3. Hi Jill, cant wait for the cookbook, and your website looks so fresh and lovely!



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