Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Vintage Bunny

Several years ago while flea market shopping I found Mr. Reginald Smith, the vintage bunny in the basket. I fell in love with his simple embroidered face and his feed sack apparel. I would say he dates back to around the 1930's.
I traced around Mr. Smiths body to make Mrs. Smith his companion. The two took an instant liking to one another the first time they met and they haven't seemed to take their eyes off each other, bunny love.
After their meeting, Mr. Smith asked Roberta, Mrs. Smith if she would marry him. Mrs. Smith happily and proudly said, yes!
Enjoy caring and sharing bunny loving days.
Jill 00 (Two hugs are better than one)


  1. I love that you made the bunny a companion. I must say they both look very happy together. Twyla

  2. Hippity-Hoppity, Easter and Spring is on its way!!

    Love ya,

  3. I love your bunnies! I am making one very similar from a pattern in last years Create and Decorate. I will post a photo when I get it finished!

    Cute Blog!




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