Thursday, July 5, 2012

Studio Shots

The studio is once again in order. Stuff stored away but marked so I'll know what's inside and favorite ribbons in easy access ribbon boxes. Yippee! My new favorite summer word in case you hadn't visited Bittersweet blog.
A complete storage closet re-do and ditto on the above. I also went through some of the supplies and weeded out the one's that weren't my favorites. A necessary task when you have so many things and a small space.
I took a tip from a reader and stuck posted notes on the button boxes so that I'll know what's inside. I wish that I could remember who the tipster was, sorry about that. Thank you for the great tip! It seems to be working out well.
Now the studio is filling up with sea foam hydrangeas. They're all dry now! We have them on every floor!

Happy Summer!

Jill 00


  1. I envy people who have their act/spaces all together! Looks beautiful.

  2. Your studio looks so lovely. What a great space to spend time being creative. I am going to spend a little time right now working on my space.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Lovely place for creativity :) Greetings from Australia♥



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