Friday, June 22, 2012

Calico Studio

This is a corner of my studio. The cabinet houses things I've made, button boxes filled with ribbons and buttons, vintage trims, embroidery yarn, paint brushes and well you can see kind of. A mix of this and that.
I'm getting ready to organize the space and make a few adjustments to my storage containers.
This is an image of a closet that I transformed into a storage space. It's beginning to get cluttered and filled with too many things.
Organizing the nook and placing items I don't use everyday away will not only be summer refreshing, but hopefully make my work much easier. Shipping supplies are atop the list to get organized and make a bit more handier to grab.
When I think of shipping three things come to mind instantly. Tissue paper, shipping boxes and tape! All three need to be available for easy access!
Then I ponder order packing gifty thoughts. You know the little extras I throw in when I ship your packages to you. Love doing that by the way!
Need a storage spot for that too!

How do you stay organized? I'd really like to know! We all have different methods and maybe it would be nice to share some of your favorites.

Jill 00


  1. Organizing is so difficult I have so many things to go through before I can start. may have to make some decorative boxes to put things in. Good Luck with your organizing.

    I started following you went to comment but with the verification thing on won't be commenting again.

  2. Hi, this is so pretty. Love all the pretty colors and fabrics. I'm forever organizing my fabrics and supplies. It just seems endless. But I must admit, I love looking at pretty fabrics! Your post is wonderful. I'm your newest follower.



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