Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flower seeds as gifts...

The cockscomb is a most unusual looking flower. It's easy to grow and flourishes during the heat of the summer. You simply pick the large clusters of blooms in early autumn and bring inside for drying. They dry beautifully.
I'm putting together a few seed packets to give as gifts.
I'll be creating a new seed packet for the assortment of seeds.
Zinnia, moon flower, brown eye susans, bee balm are some of the varieties I'll be sharing.
You may remember the seed packet I created last spring. It was inspired by my Great Aunt Enid. She was a natural garden guru and a wonderful cook.
H'm not able to share the pdf on blogger post. You can catch it at Bittersweet if you want to print out the seed packet.
Here'a a link.  Reduce to 100%.

Jill 00

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  1. I have never thought of giving flower seeds as a gift. But you know what? I actually think those would make great ones. Some people get roses for their birthday - why not a rose bush so they can keep growing them for years? It would be unique too! Thanks for the idea haha.



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