Friday, November 11, 2011

Printing on paper bags

photo courtesy of Pinterest
A friend added a tutorial picture on Pinterest on how to print on paper bags. I'm a seasoned print on whatever I can stick in my printer kind of girl. Fabric, heavy card stock and a number of other things have slipped through my printers over the years.

I must warn you. Depending on the type of ink jet printer you may have considers whether the job shall be daunting or simple and sweet.

I print every day with the operation of my business and have found over the years that some printers accept foreign objects better than others. I've found the inexpensive printers actually perform better than the more expensive ones.  There's really no way to know if your printer is going to print on other things than paper unless you try it!
Sometimes you have to help push the object though so that it won't get caught and stuck.
I was using smaller paper bags that I purchase from a wholesale supplier and found the smaller bags would not allow me to feed through the printer without getting stuck and then I would have to pull them out. I do however believe a regular sized paper bag would be easier to maneuver.

Give it a try and let others no how it works for you.

Jill 00



  1. Im the same Jill, have printed of a few different things, and hoped for the best, so far the printer has tackled the jobs quite well.I dont know if Im pushing my luck though!
    What a great idea with the bags, I have heaps of them, that will be my next challenge!

  2. So cute. Something I will have to try. Love your pretty blog.



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