Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome to Calico Petals
Extended summer break until Autumn

I have been a shoppe owner for over 14 years.
My vintage collection offers a variety of items that were once used as merchandise props or displays mostly.

The vintage goods available are a calico blend of essentials some quite rare while other's more common, but nevertheless your choices range from cute, shabby, cottage, prairie and antique.

Each piece that I offer holds a special place in my vintage loving heart, but having said, there is no way I can keep everything! My lower level of my home also functions as a studio and merchandising area and the space is small so every little inch matters. It brings comfort to know that each treasured piece I offer will find a lovely new home!

This is how it works...
Each week I will add new pieces to the offering. An individual item will remain on the blog for 1 week only and will display final showing date below the item. After that, it will no longer be available.

I have installed Pay Pal buttons for ordering and shipping charges are added into the price of each item.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Happy Hunting!


Jill 00


  1. Jill, I couldn't see the picture of the dress. Is there somewhere else on the blog I might see it? I'm looking for a sweet dress to add to the mannequin in the tea booth. Just wondered. The other pictures came through just fine. Thanks, Carol in GA

  2. Hi Carol,

    Oh I think the dress would be perfect for your tea booth.
    I will send you a picture of it.
    H'm not sure why it's not showing up.



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