Monday, January 3, 2011

Slowly back in the groove...

Refreshing as it's been to have time off and to do nothing,  I'm also ready to get back to work! I'm not a nothing to do kind of girl. I'm happiest when I'm busy. Don't hold it against me please, it's an inherited trait I believe.

Baking up some yummy deserts for family has been enjoyable. Have I told you how if I weren't a soap maker I would be a baker?

After I made these the other day Lennis came to me and said, "I believe this has been my most favorite baked good you've ever made!" Who knew? I used to make them all the time before we met!
We each indulged fork in hand and ate every bite of one of these with a smile on our face and an occasional, yummy undertone heard throughout the sweet home.
I then realized after I gobbled down the sweet treat that it was quite similar to eating an entire pie.
The recipe calls for a double crust pie dough, enough to make 4 dumplings, so yes, it is truly like eating a pie by yourself!
A little desert therapy now and then never hurt anyone! In fact, I'm sure it to be good for the soul. Indeed....

Enjoy caring and sharing winter days.


Jill 00
Two hugs are better than one

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  1. Oh, that looks positively yummy!!! If it's apple, I would love the recipe, and I am sure others would like it also - it just looks so good!!



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