Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sugar Plums Danced in my Head...

I've been rummaging through studio pictures from this past summer. It's always bittersweet to look at these photos and reminisce about past creations.
The "Flirty Frocks" were a favorite summer creation.
Creating new handmade is always a satisfying feeling.

The months of December and January are usually centered on the focus of new spring and summer creations. I look through pattern books and search fabric swatches for new ideas and looks.
I've always considerd Bittersweet and Calico to have their own style. Every attempt is made not to copy or duplicate other creations.
Although I like some of the designs I see in magazines, I really don't want to saturate the market with similar creations. 

Making a living from creating with my hands is beyond rewarding.

It's always so very soul satisfying when a customer contacts me to say the still have a handmade Bittersweet or Calico from many years ago.

Fourteen years ago when I quit my secure weekly paycheck job I had no idea what the future held. 
Although it's been challenging at times as the owner of a small business, I've never looked back or had one single regret. 
If you're a maker of handmade and hold down a regular job but are desperately wanting to make the big plunge I say "go for it!" 
Through passion and hard work you're destined to be a success!
Always trust your instincts. That's the best advise I can offer.

Enjoy caring and sharing holidays.
Jill 00
Two hugs are better than one  

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  1. Just taking the advantage of being able to wish you another Happy Birthday!!

    Love and Blessings,



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