Friday, August 27, 2010

Keepsake Box

I've talked about the little keepsake boxes Bittersweet makes before and how the original idee came from my creative Mom.
My Mom said, "Jill, you need a little box for the soap to fit into." That's a great idea, I said, and the little box was born. Appropriately called, "soap box" around the studio since a bar of my hand crafted soap fits perfectly inside the box.

Over the past thirteen years and since Bittersweet was established I've made thousands of these little boxes.
When I had the shop downtown they sold as fast as I could make them.

It was funny to see the soap box assembly line sitting on my kitchen counter, in the dining room, and in every corner.
I always made them in the same order. Decoupage, allow to dry, paint, allow to dry, varnish, glass glitter, and once again allow to dry. A few secrets too that I learned while creating the little box.

I was thrilled when HGTV called and wanted to feature the little box on their network. They called shortly after my Mom had passed away from Leukemia, and it meant so very much to me to share a creation that came from her especially on national television. I feel blessed to have had that wonderful experience.

Let's see, that was probably 8 or 9 years ago. I'm always amazed on how fast time goes.

So nice of them to still have the episode featured on their web site. Thanks HGTV, especially to you Celia!

Enjoy caring and sharing days.


Jill 00 (Two hugs are better than one)

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  1. Hi Jill:
    I remember seeing that episode! So much fun and a nice tribute to your mum, too. Thanks for sharing the link so I could watch it again...and again!



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