Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Basket full of love...

This wire basket is filled with lovely hand-made items, some of which I've made. The beginnings of a quilt that I began way back when, lavender sachets, cherry picked hangers, and one of my favorite hand-made flea market find, the embroidery booties.
As I gaze at its contents I think to myself someday I will finish that quilt! I also ponder warm thoughts of love as my eyes wander over the pretty hues.

You probably have a basket very similar to mine. One that contains freshly hatched creations. 
One day when we're old and gray we will think back on this basket full of love, and realize its significance.

Enjoy caring and sharing summer days.

Jill 00

1 comment:

  1. Jill:
    I'm lovin' those embroidered booties, too! Perhaps you can take a photo of them alone some time so that we crocheters/embroiderers might get a better view of them. They're thoroughly scrumptious! I know what you mean about looking back years from now and remembering our treasures.
    Thanks so much for sharing.



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