Saturday, May 19, 2012

Prairie Quilt

If you frequent Bittersweet blog then you'll know I recently painted the bedroom. After I completed painting the walls and some of the furniture in the color wind fresh white, (kind of a ecru), I pondered thoughts of a new bedspread or coverlet for my old iron bed.  
I looked around but didn't find anything that moved me.
So I began cutting and sewing 8 x 9 calico remnants of some of my favorite cotton and prints.
I'm not sure you would ever officially refer the prairie squared coverlet to a quilt and I'm sure a seasoned quilter might possibly take offense to my unmatched pieces of calico.
Having said that, I also am fond of the humble beginnings of the prairie coverlet.

If you've never "quilted" before I would encourage you to give it a try. It doesn't have to be perfect symmetrical lines that match. You don't even have to call it a quilt!
I'm going to finish this coverlet off with a coordinating binding and probably back it with muslin since I have an extra bolt on hand.
I'm going to line it with wool batting and tie it with silk embroidery thread.
I'm going to make some pillow cases from some of the fabric used to make the pieced cover.

It's draped across my great grandmothers furniture and every time I look at it I'm anxious to add just one more row!

I can't wait to finish it and wash it and place it on the bed!
I'll share a picture of it then!

Jill 00

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