Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrating May Day

May Day is treated special at both Bittersweet Soap and Calico Petals. We have a party at the studio and introduce new spring artisan creations and we indulge in yummy pastry confections.
This May Day I'm making fresh old-fashioned lemonade. It takes a number of lemons to make a pitcher of the sweet treat. (40 lemons) I'm going to put a splash pink food coloring so it will be pink!
I've never made the s'more bars before, but I believe they will be a sweet yummy addition to the shortbread cookies and strawberry cake.
Fresh peonies and roses will fill the studio and I made hostess favors for the first thirty guests that arrive.
I wish you were able to attend!

Their are two requirements required when attending. I'll fill you in. A smile and casual attire are required to attend this event!


Jill 00

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