Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pondering once again...and again....and again...and again....

Oh yes, my favorite past time pondering random thoughts of marketing, branding and creating. Usually includes right brain overload, or is it left?  Doesn't matter I guess.  Sorry, I was born this way!  I'm not really sorry either, cause that's the way God made me and I'm honored and blessed and count those dear blessings every single day!

Well, Miss Jill so glad you spoke your mind on that!

Designing and branding for my two cottage companies also tops the favorite lists on what I love to do.

So many ways to go too.
Victorian, Vintage, Retro, Contemporary, Cottage, Country and the list goes on.

When I begin creating a logo the first thing I begin pondering is whether that image, design will appeal to most.

For instance...
Some folks don't like country and some dislike Victorian. If they happen upon your logo and disfavor the look of it then chances are they move on down the road.
I always try to convey this message to my clients.
Bottom line is you want your brand to stand out and attract everyone, right?

Anyway, this is something I've learned along the way and I now consider it to be one of the most important components when designing anything.

Contemplating designs for Calico Petals. Just wrapped up something new for Bittersweet. 
The three words under my company title ring true to my heart!
Always follow your gut, it's never wrong!

Off to cut bars of soap.

Enjoy caring and sharing days.

Jill 00
Two hugs are better than one

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