Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Vintage Market

Isn't this round ottoman the cutest? I just love it!
The ottoman is a piece I fancy from the Vintage Market.

What is the Vintage Market?
A flea market style boutique located in Kansas City. It's filled with layers of not just old, but new & unique too.

Vintage Market is owned and managed by my friend Kim.
Kim and I met years back when I had the shop downtown. Now, I do the design work for her unique business. Funny how that kind of stuff happens, isn't it?

What can I say about my friend Kim?
Let's see if I can give you a description of my friend.

She's a go getter for one! She's also honest, stuffed full with integrity and kindness, and sincerely cares how others feel. I believe those are rare traits rarely found in most serious minded business woman. If you know what I mean???
For most it's difficult to balance and mix those qualities with real business, and it takes a special person to pull it off in a feng shui kind of way.
There's more...

She's also the hardest working woman, this side of the Missouri River!
I thought no one had me beat on high energy, but Miss Kim does!

So my Calico friends, if you're ever in KC, don't forget to stop by the Vintage Market. I know you'll find a treasure or two.

Enjoy caring and sharing spring days.


Jill 00 (Two hugs are better than one)


  1. I found your blog today in my facebook ( Top Blog ) and reall really like it.
    Greetings from in Germany


  2. Patcheylein,

    I'm glad you like Calico Petals.
    You may also enjoy my other blog, bittersweet.
    Thanks for stopping by my friend.

    Jill McDowell

  3. Gosh now I have got to go to Kansas City!

  4. Patty,

    Yes, you must come to KC!
    We have so many great spots.




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