Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Thoughts

Having two blogs is proving to be a challenge at times to keep up with.

With the ownership of two hand-made companies and the constant demand for economic change, you'll probably see less and less of me around.

Hand-made business's are experiencing a stunt in growth due to the tattered economy.
Both Bittersweet and Calico Petals continue to evolve and twist and turn during the slow times.

I've always believed the key to operating a successful business depends on your ability to change with the times. You can't continue the same old, same old during slow economic times, you just can't.

You must be creative and resourceful and imaginative and replace the traditional open shut door into an ever changing revolving door, one that's easy to turn and constantly spinning.

Since Calico is a fairly new company and Bittersweet, her older sister is seasoned and been around the block a time or two, Calico will carefully watch and learn from her big Sis.

I believe storing and keeping a good record of a new business and it's happenings are good practice, blogging offers both opportunity's.

It's very common for me to travel back in time on Bittersweet's blog and explore how I did things back then. As I look back, I can't help but notice the changes in packaging, ideas, thoughts, and so on. It's nice to have an easy reference at my finger tips.
Coming up..
Apron packaging dilemma solved. I'll share that and a few more things.
Enjoy caring and sharing Spring days.
Jill 00 (Two hugs are better than one)

1 comment:

  1. Well, if anyone is creative, resourceful, and imaginative, it's You! I have faith that both your companys are going to be succcessful this year. Twyla



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